[Encyclopedia of Squid Practice]_How to do_How to do

[Encyclopedia of Squid Practice]_How to do_How to do

Squid is very nutritious. Generally, you will see squid cut into many sections to make different dishes.

Squid mustard, squid head can make a lot of tricks, but if you don’t separate them, it will taste better.

Few people buy a whole squid for cooking, and they always like to buy somewhere else.

If you make the whole squid together, you can also make a lot of dishes.

The approach is actually very similar.

Ingredients: 2 whole squid (about 400 g), 1 piece of tin foil, 15 g of minced onion, 20 g of salad dressing, 15 g of seafood sauce, 15 g of black pepper, 3 g of MSG, 1000 g of brine, 10 g of salad oil, 10 grams of green onion practices 1: 1.

Put the whole squid into boiling water and simmer for 3 minutes on medium heat. After taking out, put it in brine for 30 minutes.


Take a pot and add salad oil. When it is 70% hot, add the onion and stir-fry. Add the salad dressing, seafood sauce, black pepper powder, and MSG to the juice for later use.


Take a teppanyaki to 90% heat, spread a piece of tin paper that is stacked into a small boat, place the stewed squid tube with a straight knife with a distance of 1 cm along the head and tail, and place it in the tin paper and pour the prepared juiceOn the table, sprinkle with shallot.

Practice 2: one, the required equipment: an iron plate 3?
A round iron plate with a thickness of 5 mm and a diameter of about 30 cm has a smooth and flat surface. Two handles can be welded on the edge of the iron plate to facilitate the operation of the stove (three-core coal stove, which has a large heating area and uniform firepower. In order to facilitate operation, You can also use liquefied gas), a shovel, a brush.

Second, the selection of materials: squid should choose better quality, no rot, complete appearance, fresh colors of squid is better.

3. Formula: (Take 2kg squid as an example) 40g spiced powder, 30g cumin powder, appropriate amount of paprika powder, appropriate amount of pepper powder, MSG 25g, refined salt 15g, super umami king 2g, ginger 20g, garlic puree 20g, white sugar 3gThe right amount of cooking wine, 80g starch, 100g onion.

Fourth, pickling: split squid into 3?
5 cm wide.

About 5cm, thickness 0.

Coaxial strips of about 8cm, add the above ingredients and stir well, and marinate for about 20 minutes.

Fifth, wearing skewers: Use bamboo sticks to put pickled squid pieces into skewers. The size of the skewers should be uniform. When wearing squid pieces, bamboo sticks should be inserted through the middle of the squid pieces.Horizontal penetration.

6. To bake, put the iron plate on the stove and heat it. Use a row brush to evenly coat a layer of vegetable oil on the iron plate. Cut the onions into even small particles and put them on the iron plate to fry the fragrance.Squid skewers are grilled on an iron plate. During the roasting process, you should always pay attention to adjusting the amount of firepower, and constantly brush the oil, turning over to avoid grilling. During the roasting process, you should remove an appropriate amount on the surface of the squid.Spiced powder, cumin powder, paprika powder and pepper powder can be eaten after brushing the surface of squid with a layer of fragrance.

Seven, the fragrance of the fragrance 1.

Ingredients: 500g of pickled pepper, 150g of sesame sauce, 200g of peanut butter, 40g of chili oil, 100g of garlic kernels, 30g of pepper powder, 80g of MSG, 10g of Super Umami King, 100g of chicken essence, 20g of white sugar, 40g of refined salt.


First chop the pickled peppers, peel and crush the garlic cloves.


Fill sesame sauce, peanut butter, chili sauce, garlic kernels, peppercorn powder, super umami, chicken essence, sugar, salt, etc. with a porcelain.


Boil the vegetable oil until the eight ripe peppers are fried and fragrant, then pour into the porcelain-made material, cover the package, let it cool down and try again. If it becomes, put some sugar, MSG, and lightly add a littleSalt Serve